Pyramid Piece

Pyramid Piece and Return of the Pyramid Piece, (knitted yarns, foam, steel,3m x 4m x 5m) installation view Tate Britain, photo c the artist (front1)_Corrected2017.jpg
Pyramid Piece, Art Now, Tate Britain1 copy.jpg
Art Now Installation View_In Place of an Ending (Pyramid souvenire's, second visit)  2008 copy.jpg
Art Now Pyramid Piece_installation View_2010 copy.jpg
Return of The Pyramid Piece (film stills).jpg
Pyramid Piece, knitted yarn, foam, metal support, 2008.jpg
Art Now Pyramid Piece_text by Lizzie Carry Thomas copy.jpg
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Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 17.57.50.png