Andy Holden, Character Study

Andy Holden, Character Study

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Andy Holden, Character Study

2017, Digital Print

Exhibition History: Venice Biennale 2017, Kunsthall Viborg, Lancaster University.

Public collections: Lancaster University Collection

78x56cm Unframed

archival inkjet print on heavy weight matt paper, printed with St Barnabus Press, Cambridge

this is a key work in the Cartoon Landscape body of work. Edition of ten only. The character of Andy Holden rendered as an animators drawing study sheet. These sheets were produced by animators to allow further teams of animators to be able to draw the character. These are the ‘key poses’ from Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape, where Andy Holden is rendered as a cartoon character through a serious of cultural stereotypes pieced together. The idea that the artist must become a cartoon character to be able to navigate the current cultural landscape is central to the thesis of Laws of Motion.

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